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Geschrieben von T.Harv Eker   
Freitag, 5. Juni 2015

The Guru in You

One of the most reliable principles you can bank on   — in learning how to succeed — is getting the right mentor. You need someone who has specific success in the specific area you’re looking to model.


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Want to whip yourself in shape? Maybe Jillian Michael’s is your woman. Need a boost to your sales career? Chet Holmes is where it’s at, or Brian Tracey. The list goes on and on. There are masters in all fields of success, and you better copy the ones who have succeeded!


What about “spiritual success?” Enlightenment? Inner peace? A principled life? That list of masters is long too, from the Pope to any number of history’s spiritual teachers.


The problem that people tend to run across, though—and we see it played out all over the world—is when spiritual seekers pour so much of who they want to be into their “gurus,” they sometimes lose the point:


Those people we strive to be like are not the end. They are the Way.


They are the example. The point that so many people miss is that these Masters are no better than we can be. We can reach the same potential.


This point was illustrated brilliantly in a 2011 documentary called Kumaré, about an American filmmaker from New Jersey of Hindu background, Vikram Gandhi, who wanted to see if he could turn himself into a guru with a following of real people.


He grows out his beard and hair, and transforms himself into Sri Kumaré, an enlightened guru from the East. After three months in Phoenix, Arizona, Kumaré develops a loyal following of devoted students who embrace him as a true spiritual teacher.


The experiment is certainly provocative, but Vikram’s intention was to not cross moral boundaries. If he was really going to push ‘Kumaré’ as far as he could, responsibly, he’d have to teach something he truly believed in with all his being.


So he came up with a teaching called ‘The Mirror.’ In other words, he as a “guru” is only a reflection for others to gaze upon their own infinite potential, which is already deep inside themselves. His students actually took his guidance very seriously, taking steps toward the changes they wanted in their lives. His teaching worked!


But then there was the problem of him being a “fake.” If you happen to be interested in watching this one day, I won’t give away the ending.


Vikram proved his point, though: we project into our heroes and mentors the highest ideals of ourselves. People, and the world, are simply a mirror of what is already inside us. Once you’ve mastered the science of success that they’ve laid out for us to follow, there’s nowhere else to look for enlightenment except within.


I don’t consider myself a guru. I’m just a guy who figured it out and loves showing other people how I did it. It plays into not only my financial goals, but also my deepest principles and joy in seeing other people stoked at what I was able to bring to them.


Who’s the guru in you? What’s that specialty you can bring to others that allows them to embrace their highest ideals? What’s your experience with gurus?


To Your Success,

T.Harv Eker

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